May 04, 2010

Would you like a sock club?

I’m humming and haa-ing over whether or not to do a yarn club. The main reason for this is that I know there are quite a few around already, and it is quite the commitment.
There have been some great suggestions from the Lower Hutt Knitters about what they love in a yarn club, and now i’m teetering on the edge.
Can you help push me over and commit to it? I have a plan forming of one that is a bit different and incorporates an element of choice…
Thoughts? Suggestions?


  1. Element of choice sounds good! Love your Monkeys by the way. At the moment I am obsessed with neon classy colors so if you had them in your club I would be in love. I think if you had a theme for your club to help people decide if they are in that mood that would help. I find it hard with a club if I'm not in the same mood as the designer and end up with 3 skeins I don't like so much.

  2. You should definitely have one! and your element of choice is a good idea. I have enjoyed the sock clubs I have participated in before but I know others who have not always enjoyed the colour choices.

  3. Tell us more ... what's involved and what are your ideas? I want some inspiration to knit something this year. This might help.

  4. what about a not necessarily socks, sock club? For those who aren't necessarily huge sock fans but would like to join a club like this...