June 29, 2010

Wool nuts

Last night the boy was hassling me for not paying him enough attention, and joked that he should hang himself up with my wool so that I focus on him just for a minute. He said I was 'Wool nuts', to which I replied, what like walnuts?

It is pretty nuts right now - all hands on deck to get the Yarn Club out (there are a few places left, if you're quick, you might nab one!).

So here is a warm fuzzy story to keep you entertained in the meantime...though I was trying to spot some Knitsch yarns in there as they panned around the shop ;-)

June 24, 2010

Knowing me, knowing you...

Taking a brief moment away from knitting, i'm catching up on reading some of the 200-odd blog posts sitting in my Reader that have been building up.

Once upon a time, when I was new to blog land, I spent hours reading blogs, going far back into histories to understand who each blogger ticked. I would eagerly anticipate new posts, commenting left right and centre. It was how I got to know Nikki, Louise and Martha, among lots of others.

These days I lament not having the time of attention span to 'get to know' all the bloggers I follow - mainly I focus on beautiful images, colours and short snippets of words.

Which started me thinking - I would like to get to know you better. What are your blog-reading habits? Can you admit to being a blog stalker? What are your favourite colours, yarn bases, patterns? Where are you from?

Shall I start?
Blog habits - i'm a skimmer right now. But I used to be an investigator - looking deep!
Blog stalker - yep!
Fave colour - yellow in life, green or orange in yarn (not together)
Fave yarn base - merino! Merino and silk, merino and cashmere, anything just a bit luxurious
Fave pattern - Cookie A's Monkeys, and anything in my Ravelry queue!
Where from - Wellington, NZ. But I was born in New Plymouth, NZ, have lived in Melbourne, Australia, Methven, Canterbury NZ, and London.

Off you go! Share!

June 23, 2010

It's a tree! The prize draw done!

Hooray! We have two winners for the It's a Tree super amazing awesome prize draw!

Catherine M
wins a three month subscription to the Flights of Fancy Yarn Club


(you know who you are :D) - wins 2 skeins of sock yarn and 2 of 12 ply. 

With over 500 contributions I was biting my nails a bit to see who was going to win - and at the last minute decided to do a second chance draw as well - although if I had my way everyone would get something. But the random number generator turned up 158 and 427 (you'll have to believe me - the screen shot doesn't work on this laptop).

And - the Flights of Fancy Yarn Club goes on sale today!

June 18, 2010

Flights of Fancy Yarn Club - are you ready?!

Flights of Fancy Yarn Club is up on the online shop!

It looks sold out...but it most certainly isn't. It's waiting for Wednesday morning...

There will be 2 releases:

15 subscriptions will be released at 9.30am, and another 15 at 8pm NZ time.

Have a great weekend everyone - i'm off to play in Sydney before coming back to dye all your yarn club goodness!


June 14, 2010

Craft2.0 for the win

What an amazing day.


For those who came along and said hello - it was fantastic to meet you! I only wish there had been more time to have proper conversations with people.

yours truly doing the selling thing. Thanks to Brock for the pic and Mum for the beret knit in our 12 ply

Now for getting on with wholesale orders, pattern designs and the yarn club!

June 11, 2010

Tiramisu time!

Amongst all the craziness that is Craft2.0 preparations...somehow I got tied up in a tiramisu competition.

It was all a bit of friendly banter, until the infamous Catherine, of Jam-off fame, picked up on it.

Now, suddenly, we have a time, a place, judges, an MC, a sponsor, and a prize.

How do these things always end up bigger than intended?

So at Craft2.0, today, at 2pm, the New Dowse, Lower Hutt, you will find:
Judges Hon Trevor Mallard, MP for Hutt South, and Megan Whelan, Radio New Zealand journalist
MC The amazing wonderful Jo of the Wellingtonista and SoContent

All sponsored by the fabulous Wendy of Cultured Petone (they make the best tiramisu. Ever. Which is how this all started)

So if you're out this way for some yarn, grab a taste of tiramisu, too. Brought to you by all the goodness of the hutt (and none of it paid for by Ministerial credit card!)

Knitsch Yarns at Knit World!

Whew…what a crazy week!
Which meant i’d completely forgot to announce - Knitsch Yarns is being stocked at Knit World!
Artisan Lace has been found in Knit World stores for quite some time, and so it was a natural progression to provide them with a selection of Knitsch Yarns colourways. It did take a bit of arm twisting (mine), but i’m pleased we’ve gone with it.
It means that anyone who has yet to fondle the gorgeous merino can, and there will be some shining brightness amongst the sock range available in stores.
With wholesale inevitably comes a good hard look at costs and pricing. Another hard decision was to nudge up our prices for both the online store and bricks and mortar shops so that we can continue to provide a high quality product. Knitsch Yarns really is a labour of love (I don’t get paid!!) but it’s all for our wonderful, inspirational customers - well, friends, really. You!
So from Monday 14 June our online shop prices for sock yarn will be edging up to $12.95 for a 50g skein. Prices at markets and fairs will remain $12 a pop, and we will still have special offers and discounts for those on our mailing list. OH, and the Flights of Fancy Yarn Club prices will stay the same - which means even more value for money!
Like I said, we really wouldn’t be here without you wonderful people! Thanks so much for all your continued support, lovely emails and photos of WIPs and FOs.
Now head on over to the online shop to place an order before the price rise! Or, if you’re local, come along to Craft2.0 tomorrow!
xx Tash

June 09, 2010



Weekend away was fabulous. One of these days I'll put some photos up.

The lovely Cherie has organised a World Wide Knit in Public day event (though really it's more like World Wide Knit In Public fortnight) event, and Knitsch Yarns is a sponsor!

Woohoo! We've donated a couple skeins of sock yarn for the pile of giveaways on the day. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it, but will do my best to get a pic of yours truly knitting somewhere out in the wild world - Syyyyydneeeeey in fact.
And I just noticed that there is another Wellington event, on the same day as Craft2.0. While everyone should be heading out to the Hutt, if you can't make it, you should head on over...

June 05, 2010


Apologies for being a little quiet lately - I'm super busy!

And just moved house yesterday (with an office! For me!), now i'm off to goodness-knows-where for the long weekend.

Happy Queen's birthday everyone, drive safely, knit lots, and hopefully I will have a pre-craft2.0 post for you when i'm back!

xx Tash