October 02, 2010

Flights of Fancy Yarn Club - Round 2!

Ding ding!

Are you keen? Are ya? Well, here's the details: 

The important info - what will I get?

The second yarn club will see four installments of yarny goodness sent out over a period of 5 months, at approximately 2 month intervals. Hold on, that doesn't add up... well, one of those packages will contain bonus yarn! Hooray!

As with the first yarn club, you will receive approx 120grams of sock yarn in each of the 3 parcels, and the bonus yarn could be...well, anything! The bonus yarn will be of the same value as the other packages.

You will also get an extra knitty-themed treat and a pdf pattern designed by...could be anyone! I have a few designers in mind, so it will be a special surprise each month.

All yarn colourways will be exclusive to yarn clubbers only.

Mystery Escape vs Plan Ahead

Again, you will have the option to choose a Mystery Escape or to Plan Ahead, with all the excitement of a variegated or semi-solid colourway each month.

Postage dates

Parcels will be sent (approx):
15 January
15 March
15 May

And, um, the cost?

Cost? Isn't Christmas coming up? Can't significant others spring the cost? :D

It will be....

$125.00 for the 4 installations

postage in NZ: $15
postage Australia: $20
postage ROW: $35

Bear in mind that NZ GST is going up on October 1, which inevitably means a rise in the cost of...everything. Including postage, sad face.

For Australia and overseas, 15% will be removed from the cost of the yarn club.

But, um, don't I have to pay now? And wait aaaaages?
Nope! If you let me know that you're in, i'll add you to the magical list. On November 15 (or thereabouts) I will email out an invoice and payment needs to be received within two weeks. 

I'm in! How do I sign up?!
Send me an email, and let me know if you would like a Mystery Escape or to Plan Ahead, and if you would like to pay by PayPal, credit card or bank deposit. 

Get in quick, i'm only going to do a restricted number, and you don't want to miss out this time!

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