September 30, 2010

BIts of awesomeness

It is the boy's birthday, and while he is not yet home, that does not prevent me scoffing blue cheese, ganache from his birthday cake and wine in celebration.

Let's also celebrate some awesomeness people have been linking to on Twitter in the last couple of days - graffiti moss and a camoflage crochet car.

Yesterday was a day of dyeing mayhem, in which I dyed so much yarn I had to stop as I couldn't fit any more on the drying rack - in fact had to bring half of it home to take over two drying racks here.

But still, I need more, and I need new colours. I want you to come up with them. Go on, dream something up, leave it in the comments, and if I like it i'll dye it and name it after you.

Go on. Do it.

1 comment:

  1. A summer colour. Something that brings images of blues skies, foamy surf, and wavy grasses on the sand dunes...

    But don't name it after me - it might seem a bit strange if it's called Amber ;)