August 01, 2010

Taking time

hello! It's been awhile!

I sound like a broken record but, goodness life is busy. Busy to the point of, well, something will have to give. I'm one of those people who simply can't refuse a good project idea, and all it takes is one small suggestion from someone to get me excited and enthusiastic and start getting carried away. This is necessarily a bad thing, but it is something I need to rein in a little bit just so that each week doesn't merge into another with no stop or sense of project completion.

In fact, just thinking of all the things on my plate simply exhausts me.

So how about a wee list of things that I have *finished* lately?
  • the July yarn club - all gone off to lovely people :D
  • the yarn club pattern (although the pics aren't behaving and so it hasn't gone out yet. Damn technology)
  • Lots of orders - the post office lady and I are great friends!
  • tidying my bedroom (hey, it's a big one!)
Ok so the list isn't huge, but by the end of this week it's going to be much longer. The week after that will be dedicated to some r&r before heading to New Plymouth for some knit graffiti action, and then Knit August Nights a couple weeks after that.
Right - back to knitting yet another secret project!


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