March 21, 2010

Golden Skeins

On Friday a box of cuddly deliciousness was sent to Belinda to be placed in the upcoming April Blendy boxes.

And, rather Charlie and the Chocolate Factory like, there is a golden ticket! Or rather, a skein of Knitsch Kowhai with a super prize for one lucky person. There are 5 skeins of golden bright Kowhai, but just one of them has a special tag. Who will it be? oooohhhh....anticipation!

There are, in fact, over 90 mini 10gram skeins on their way north - so everyone who gets in quick and nabs themselves a Blendy box should have a baby Knitsch to play with.

Putting the tags on Kowhai, and thinking about golden tickets, the song Golden Skans by the Klaxons was doing circles in my head. So here, a musical interlude...enjoy!

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