February 08, 2010

Grey's Anatomy has got to be my favourite series du jour. It serves as fantastic therapy - it makes you laugh, and cry - perfect for releasing pent up emotions.

In one episode, Nurse Rose says to McDreamy "I am an imperfect person". Boy I love that line. It rings so true - I am an imperfect person. I'm also a very imperfect crafter, and skill improvement is up there on this year's to do list.

One goal is to get the hang of fair isle.

Endpaper mitts is the project, and yep, there are mistakes, but I feel they tell a story, and so shall leave them in. The mitts are for me - happily a selfish knitter - and the mistakes remind me that sometimes my incredibly high standards require a bit of extra practice to reach. It's ok to be imperfect.

(Knit in Knitsch Yarns 'Chelsea' and 'Silver Lining')

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  1. I am so looking forward to the new series starting, also private practice is restarting too. About time the good stuff came back ont he TV